InCity Journal is dedicated to the latest technological advances in the development of mega-cities and Kyiv at first. The idea of InCity Journal creation belongs to the group of experts in urban planning, developers, specialists in property management and development of urban infrastructure, combined with our idea of ​​introducing best practice urban world achievements while maintaining the historical and cultural features of urban capital of Ukraine.

Our dream is to reach in Kyiv the same level of comfort, aesthetic appeal and functionality as the best metropolitan areas in the world. Our goal is to acquaint readers with the best examples of solving problems in cities, local government organizations and modern trends in architecture and construction techniques that can be implemented quickly and effectively to national practice.

Each issue contains samples of the best international and Ukrainian projects and real estate market, the modern concept of cities’ development, innovative technological solutions, analytics, ratings, forecasts and other information relating to the sphere of urban development and quality of life standards.

Volume is 100 pages. Language: Russian / Ukrainian and will be English.

The magazine is mailed out to specialized target list of owners and top managers of rating domestic and foreign companies, to the heads of ministries, to the parliamentary committees and commissions, to the heads of embassies and diplomatic missions of foreign states in Ukraine, to the political and public figures, opinion leaders, representatives of big business interested in obtaining information on new ideas and the world's best achievements implemented in the field of construction and organization of entertainments in Ukraine and abroad.